Leeba was founded in the beginning of 2013 in order to strengthen the Jewish identity of the State of Israel.

Leeba is a union of educators and activists who are motivated by a vision that the extent to which the State of Israel is grounded in its Jewish roots will determine its strength and ability to better meet the challenges of the present.

In recent years various factors are coming together with the assistance of foreign resources to undermine the character of the State of Israel as a Jewish state and to change it into a state whose character is determined by all of its residents.

These groups and organizations which are funded primarily by foreign support are attempting in numerous and often clever ways to redirect the character of the state against the actual commitment of the vast majority of Israeli citizens who believe that the public domain of Israel should reflect the fact that the state is the homeland of the Jewish people.

Leeba is dedicated to thwarting these efforts and protecting the Jewish identity of the state.

We are sure that facilitating the expression of Israel's belief in its Jewish character by the broad Israeli population will enable and encourage Israeli leaders to stand up for and protect the Jewish nature of the state of Israel and hence secure the state of Israel in general.

We know that the Jewish People is alive, thriving and healthy and indeed loves its connection to its own Jewishness. This vision is the engine which empowers Leeba to strive to awaken and to deepen the awareness of all those who love Israel to defend the expression of the Jewish character in the Israeli public life.

The members of the Leeba board are:

Rav Yaakov Devir; resident of Mitzpeh Rimon and Rabbinical educator at the Mitzpeh Rimon Yeshiva.

Oren Heonig; resident of Moshav Meirav.

Ohed Cohen; resident of Eli, educator.